Friday, May 10, 2013

The Candy Crush Saga

Twenty minutes has never felt so long in my whole life.

The other day I saw a friend freaking out because they were about to lose a game on their phone. I distinctly remember saying "wow you seem way too invested in that game"

"Oh. It's Candy Crush"

I came back to my room and later discovered my roommate playing the silly sounding game as well so what do I do? I download it.

I pretty much sold my soul.

The game is pretty much like Bejeweled where you swap candies to get three in a row or more to disappear. The goals change from clearing "jelly," scoring a certain amount of points, or moving fruit down the board, in order to move along a playing board that is absolutely massive in scale. When they said "saga" they meant it. This stupid puzzle game has me playing level after level and the music is just terrible. But do I stop? Nope. Of course not. Sometimes a level is really hard and you get stuck trying it over and over again but the game only gives you five lives and a new life does not regenerate until 30 minutes after you started playing. This is actually probably a good thing because otherwise, I don't think I could stop. They do that so you buy their power ups and extra lives. Smart marketing really since our generation is so great at creating addictions and habit forming behavior. Basically, I should be studying or sleeping and it's three in the morning and I'm still saying "Oh just one more try."

Then, last night I did something I really hate doing. I hit level 36 but to get to level 36, your friends on Facebook have to give you tickets... I have to message my friends for a game request! I HATE FARMVILLE messages and junk so I vowed to never send that garbage.... I wrestled with the idea of just giving up the game... That kind of made me sad because hey, I was pretty good at it after all... then I sent the stupid things.

BUT THEY SENT ME TICKETS YAY! Stop fueling this mayhem!

So now I will probably keep playing and keep not sleeping until I pass out or someone cuts me off from my caffeine drip. I really hate this game.

What's that? It's still finals week?


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